It is performed under general anesthesia in which a suction catheter is used to suck out the pregnancy form the uterus.

This is totally safe and quick abortion procedure.
It does not involve any incision on cut on the abdomen.

Since we perform the procedure of suction under anesthesia it is totally painless.

The process of suction and evacuation usually takes about 30 min. to an hour under anesthesia.
You may require to be in the hospital for a few hours for preparation and post procedure recovery.
Sometimes it can take longer depending on your condition.

Yes, lady doctor will be counseling and performing the abortion procedure.

Generally these procedure are safe and there is no direct evidence that it affects future pregnancy forever it this imperative that you are aware of your own help before deciding you choose the process.

Both the options are safe effective and universally accepted for termination of pregnancy. Medical termination is recommended for up-to 49 days of pregnancy.
Pregnancy of longer duration than this should be terminated usually by suction and evacuation.
Though the final decision depends on the condition of the women and any history of previous caesarean section

Usually the cost depends on specific patients condition. The fees charged for your abortion includes the pre-operative medical history personal counseling, as well as the surgical procedure or the additional medication for the treatment. However, your specific cost will be determined according to following:
Other treatment if your blood Rh factor is negative
Health conditions (including costs for blood test)
Different type of abortion procedure

Length of your pregnancy

It is unpredictable painful and sometimes bleeding can be massive and uncontrollable there can be fever with rigors. The chances of incomplete abortion and pregnancy not being terminated are also there. You may require to go through surgical procedure if any of the above complications happen.
Medical Abortion
Surgical Abortion

Early pregnancy (49 days)
5 weeks to 12 weeks

Few hours to 7 days
30 min. to 1 hour

Cramps, fever, nausea, vomiting, massive bleeding and sometimes collapse
Generally painless under anesthesia

Like to heavy bleeding with clots for 7 to 10 days. Than like bleeding for few weeks.
Light bleeding for 1 week

FDA has approved the safety and complications are rare unless there are other health issues or previous surgeries.
Suction and evacuations has been studied over several decades and they have less than 1 % complication.

Safe for duration less than 49 days with no previous caesarean
Safe for early and late pregnancy duration